Nine Lives
Nine Lives
Effects: To be resurrected nine times.
Users: Wendy Beauchamp

Nine Lives is the power to be resurrected Nine times.


Nine Lives is a curse that was put on Wendy by her father, King Nikolaus. Whenever and however Wendy may die she will always be resurrected as long as she has more lives left. When Wendy is on her last life the color of the her necklace will turn from green to red, and then from red to black once all nine lives have been used upon her death.

Notable Examples

Wendy Beauchamp

  • Wendy has mentioned before coming to East End she had died from Syphilis, shot, eaten by a crocodile and in a trapeze accident.
  • While in her cat form when was hit by a car and reverted back to her human form.
  • When Wendy was making a vision stew she was stabbed by The Shifter. She was revived by Ingrid Beauchamp.
  • 1906 Ingrid Beauchamp had impaled Wendy with her arm through a spell to hit her heart.
  • Wendy revives Tommy Cole by sacrificing her last life.

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