Power Information
  • Create and control light
Before Odin could reply, a harsh light lit the room, revealing every smudge on the walls and the dust in the corners.
— Norman uses his magic. [src]
Photokinesis is the power to create and manipulate light. This is one of the many powers that witches and warlocks can use naturally or through spells and magical objects.


Throughout the books and the TV series it has been seen that witches and warlocks can exert control over many aspects of nature, including light. Some warlocks like Norman Beauchamp are able to generate a powerful light that can illuminate an entire room and temporarily blind the people in it until they get used to the brightness, while witches as Wendy Beauchamp are able to cover with a magical light some objects of small size, like that time she blew the leaves of a dandelion and made them shine above everyone at the table.

In the books, several witches have channeled their magic through their wands or murmured small incantations to illuminate a dark place or altering the lighting. The goddess Joanna Beauchamp was once able to emit a powerful hot light from her wand to defeat her sister Helda.

Known Users

Natural power

Through spells or objects


  • In the books, Killian Gardiner is the god of light, so it's possible that he can use this power.