Potion Making
Potion Making
Effects: To brew potions.
Users: Witches

Potion Making is the ability to create potions with magical ingredients.


Potion Making is a basic ability that all witches possess, however certain witches are more apt at making them then others, such as Freya Beauchamp. Only witches can make potions and if a mortal was to make one it would be powerless. All witches can create potions but only Wendy Beauchamp, Freya Beauchamp and Penelope Gardiner have been shown to create potions.  Some Potions require spells to be chanted in order to activate them or vice versa.

Notable Examples

Wendy Beauchamp

  • Wendy Beauchamp made a vision potion to find out the identity of the shifter. She also used it once before to track down an old boyfriend who owed her money.

Freya Beauchamp

  • Freya Beauchamp made a potion that she used as a cure for Ramous Mortium using instructions given to her by Wendy. Wendy also told her that she was the only one gifted enough to make the potion.
  • Freya made a memory potion to remember what happened the night the portal to Asgard was opened.
  • Freya made a potion to remember her past lives.

Ingrid Beauchamp

  • Ingrid made a potion to remember her past life in 1906.
  • Ingrid also made the potion from Lotus Root to slow down the poison that Killian took.

Penelope Gardiner

Eva Gardiner

  • Eva Gardiner slipped a potion into a drink that she then gave to Killian which is believed to be a love potion.


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