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  • Alive
  • Artist
  • Con Artist
  • Seamus
  • Male
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  • Make everyone love his art
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Ronan is a minor character in Season 2 of Witches of East End.


Ronan is affectionate yet devious. He has a criminal past which has since put behind him, choosing to instead become an artist (even though he cannot paint). However he misses his partner in crime, Wendy Beauchamp, and even made attempts to get back together with her. However his attempts were in vain. He placed strands of Wendy's hair inside every painting he made in order to infuse it with her magic and attract buyers.

Early Life

It is unknown how old Ronan is. He met his ex-wife, Wendy Beauchamp, in the early 19th century when she was kicked out of the family by Joanna. The pair began a romance not long after and eventually got married. After the wedding he was arrested and Wendy eventually used her powers to spell the guards and break him out of jail. Wendy had married and divorced him three times. Ronan has a criminal past, Wendy was once shot by a man they scammed in Paris. Ronan returns to East End to win over her affections at an art gala, but it does not work, especially after he blurted out that he had been using her hair to enchant the arts he had been selling.



Ronan possessed the basic powers of a warlock.

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