Eva descendant (1)
Biographical information
  • Unknown
  • Alive
  • Santeria Store Owner
  • Female
Family information
Family members
  • Eva † (great-grandmother)
  • Alma † (grandmother/great-aunt)
  • Eva's children † (relatives)
Significant spells

Spell to heal Killian's hand

Played by
First seen
Last seen
Selina is Eva's great-granddauther introduced in season 2.


Not much is known about her. She seems to be helpful and loyal and is amazed at the strength of Killian's love for Freya.


Selina looks exactly like the young version of her great-grandmother.


Early Life

Not much is known about her early life. She was born to one of Eva's descendants at an unknown time. At some point she met Mathias and together they opened a Santeria store in New York.

Meeting Killian

Before Eva died she had left Killian an unbreakable statue with an address on it to help him reunite with Freya. The address on the statue was actually the location of the Santeria store. After Mathias tested Killian, Selina gave him a poison which would kill him but also break the star-crossed fate he has with Freya so that in their next lives they can be together. She also told him that there is no antidote and that she has never met anyone who loved her as much as he loves Freya.


Mathias - Friends and coworkers

Killian - Acquaintances/allies

Powers and Abilities

Selina is a witch who practices Santeria and possesses the basic powers of a witch. It is unknown if she is immortal or not as Eva and Alma were mortal.

Basic powers

Individual Powers

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