A shapshifter as Joanna

Shapeshifters are witches that can shape-shift into anyone they want. They play a special part in the 1st episode of Witches of East End as an evil shapshifter that takes the form of Joanna Beauchamp and get her arrested.  Penelope and Vidar are the only shapeshifters in the series

Shapshifters are one of the well-known creatures in the fantasy aspect. They are very important in making the show, as they are higher known than believe it or not, witches


Although the origin of shapshifters are not known, we believe that they got famous around the 1700's as thats when witchcraft made its mark. Some, have stories of shapeshifters wreaking havoc and chaos in the town villages. Along time ago people believe that shapeshifters were identified by their green eyes and their devilish face.


It is nearly impossible to identify a shapeshifter's true identity, as they can be anyone or anything. Before forming they usually have to turn back to their true identities but finding them is nearly impossible as they like to stay hidden and secluded.  They are known for their unnatural shade of green eyes and can be a give away to other witches.


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