Effects: Take on the appearance of another person
Users: Penelope Gardiner

Shapeshifting is the abilty to shift into another person.


The user can trick anyone to think that they are someone else. When a witch or warlock uses this power before and after they shift into another person it looks like smoke washes over their entire body. Shape shifting does have a weakness when using this power the user's eyes are an unnatural shade of green and can be a give away to other witches to know that they are a shapeshifter.

Notable Examples

Penelope Gardiner

  • Penelope uses this power to shift into other people.
  • Smoke washes over her body when she does this.
  • When Penelope uses this power, her eyes turn to an unnatural shade of green.
  • Penelope used this power to frame Joanna for murder in Pilot.
  • Penelope used this power to attack Joanna in Today I Am A Witch.
  • Penelope used this power to reanimate 1906 Ingrid in Unburied
  • Penelope used this power to electrocute Joanna as Wendy in Oh, What a World!


  • Vidar used this power to shift into other people.
  • When Vidar uses this power, his eyes don't turn an unnatural shade of green.  
  • Smoke washes over his body when he does this.
  • Vidar used this power to shapeshift into Richard so he could kill Joanna. 
  • He shifted into a dead person, maybe the reason his eyes weren't green. 


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