Power Information
  • Assume the appearance of another person

Shapeshifting is the power to assume the appearance of another person.


Witches and Warlocks with this power can trick anyone to think that they are someone else. The Shapeshifter has to think of a specific person to shift into. When a Shapeshifter uses this power before and after they shift into another person, it looks like smoke washes over their entire body. Shapeshifting does have a weakness; when using this power, the user's eyes are an unnatural shade of green and can be a give away to other witches and warlocks. When a Shapeshifter shifts into another person, they are also able to copy their clothes.

Notable Examples

Penelope Gardiner

  • Penelope uses this power to shift into other people.
  • Smoke washes over her body when she does this.
  • When Penelope uses this power, her eyes turn to an unnatural shade of green.
  • Penelope used this power to frame Joanna for murder in Pilot.
  • Penelope used this power to attack Joanna in Today I Am A Witch.
  • Penelope used this power to reanimate 1906 Ingrid in Unburied
  • Penelope used this power to electrocute Joanna as Wendy in Oh, What a World!


  • Vidar used this power to shift into other people.
  • When Vidar uses this power, his eyes don't turn an unnatural shade of green.  
  • Smoke washes over his body when he does this.
  • Vidar used this power to shapeshift into Richard so he could kill Joanna. 
  • He shifted into a dead person, maybe the reason his eyes weren't green.