Spell Caster is an interactive game created by the Lifetime network in 2014

Joanna performs a Spell

to promote Season Two. Users pick from one of the Six main characters. Each Character has their own Spell which they perform on screen, with the user choosing which ingredients to add to the Potion. The main ingredient of Each Spell is a photo of the User. At the end of each spell, players are encouraged to share the Spell on Social Media in order for it to work.

Joanna's Protection Spell

  • Requires: Gold Dust, Crawly Root & Sunhorn.
  • Optional Choices: Raccoon Spine, Knotted Rope or Clock Key.
  • "Contega trado Inaltair atonair"

Freya's Love Spell

  • Requires: Rose Petals, Bay Leaves & Fairy Dust.
  • Optional Choices: Aphrodite's Pin, Crystal or Metal Chain,
  • "Infinitum eros vividendrum!"

Ingrid's Reunion Spell

  • Requires: Glittershade, Cloverdust & Spring Nectar.
  • Optional Choices: Copper Coin, The Written Word or Spectacles.
  • "Pax optima occuren obiscum domina"

Killian's Perception Spell

  • Requires: Ancient Sand, Arrowhead & Sage.
  • Optional Choices: Shatttered Mirror, Essense of Hawk or Skeleton Key
  • "Consilium anima percepio"

Dash's Revenge Spell

  • Requires: Charcoal, Vite Diablo & Goat's blood.
  • Optional Choices: Lizard Skull, Rusty Nail or Ancient Dagger,
  • "Lusta olivie ulterio canterium!"


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