Spells are a series of words in Latin, Old Norse or Spanish, that when spoken, create change in the folds of reality in order to manifest a specific desire or intention. A spell is a ritual intended to produce a magical effect; thus, in order to be effective it must be performed by a magical being; because of this, a spell cast by a mortal will not work. 

Everytime a Witch or a Warlock casts a spell, the spell leaves behind a magic signature which can be traced back to the Witch who performed the spell. Also a Spell cast by One Witch cannot be reversed by another. The Witch who performed the Spell must also reverse it.

The Beauchamp family Grimoire holds a plethora of spells, incantations and potions for many different purposes, the Beauchamps often consult the Grimoire when they need help. 

Spell Casting

Spell casting is one of the basic magical abilities possessed by all Witches.  Some spells require more than one witch in order to be effective, the more witches that cast a spell, the stronger it will be.  For example in Today I Am A Witch, Joanna enlists the help of her two daughters and her sister Wendy Beauchamp in order to cast a protection spell around the house, keeping the shifter from entering the premises.

One noteable Ingredient of a spell is a candle, Candles are required for more powerful spells, spells also often call for various roots and herbs.

Universal & Moral Laws

Some Spells are subject to certain universal & moral laws.

  • Emotional Spells - If you change the way a person feels about a specific person, you risk changing the way they feel about other things.
  • Resurrection Spells - If you bring someone back from the dead, someone you love will die to restore the balance.
  • Money Spells - Are generally frowned upon because the money has to come from somewhere, therefore the Witch casting the spell would be stealing.
  • Memory Spells - If you erase somene's memory, you risk frying their brain and causing insanity.
  • Spells Written in Blood - Casting or learning spells written in blood will taint the caster's soul and corrupt them.

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