A list of spells used or mentioned in the first book of the Beauchamp Family Series.

Size Reduction Spell - Cast by Ingrid

Spell casted by Ingrid a few centuries ago on her familiar Oscar. With this spell she made her enormous Griffin the size of a Labrador retriever.

Resurrection Spell - Cast by Freya

When she was a child, Freya casted this spell to resurrect her dead gerbil.

Resurrection Reversal Spell - Cast by Ingrid

A young Ingrid successfully casted this spell to return Freya's zombie gerbil to the death.

Fertility Spell - Cast by Ingrid

A little charm casted by Ingrid to help her friend Tabitha to get pregnant. 

Note: the spell need a knot made of the hair of the two persons who want the baby.

Liberation Spell - Cast by Joanna

When she was attacked by some plants that were brought to life by black magic, she casted an ancient spell to free herself.

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