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Tarot cards are divinatory tools used by Witches and Warlocks in order to foresee the future. Tarot decks usually contain a total of 78 cards that include 22 cards representing virtues, vices, death and fortune etc. Tarot Cards are usually divided in two parts, one part being the Major Arcana and another being the Minor Arcana. Witches are able to interpret the imagery on each of the cards to reveal future information or hidden secrets. The cards themselves do not have powers, the power comes from the Witch dealing the cards. Tarot cards are not like Ouija boards, they only reveal what they want to reveal.

Joanna Beauchamp is skilled at reading Tarot cards, a talent which she has presumably learned over the many years she has been alive. She is able to shuffle and reshuffle the deck magically with Telekinesis. Wendy is also gifted with the Tarot.

Joanna's Tarot Gallery

Promotional Tarot Cards


  • Wendy stated that Tarot Cards prefer to be read at night when the moon is up, however in Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P., Joanna was able to read the cards during the day.
  • A series of promotional Tarot card images have been created for the show. Each one depicts a different character from the show. These images have been posted on the official Witches of East End Facebook page, you can see them by clicking here
  • During the filming of Pilot, the actresses had a professional Tarot reader on set to instruct them on how to handle and use the cards during scenes.
  • The cards used on the show are not an actual complete deck, they were created by the prop department. The imagery on the cards were inspired by many different sources including the Rider Waite Tarot Deck, whilst the others are completely original to the show.