Power Information
  • To control technology

Technopathy is the ability to manipulate technology in different ways. It can be used to control technological or electronic devices.


Ghosts can unknowingly activate this power because they can manipulate electricity.

Notable Examples


  • Elyse tampered with Dash's computer making it turn fuzzy each time she but her hands in front of it.
  • At The Bent Elbow Elyse was able to short circuit the wires electrically shocking Killian near death.


  • Alberich was able to affect the traffic lights of North Hampton to cause some car accidents that involved only young women.

Molly and Mardi Overbrook

  • During a divine process called the Awakening, the powers of the Overbrook twins started to grow stronger, making them unable to control them; everytime that a sister experimented some negative emotion the electrical devices around them started to fail. After her father's accident, Molly was so upset that she affected the electricity of the hospital and her sister feared that she could kill any patient connected to some machine.