Effects: To read the minds of others around you.
Users: Killian Gardiner
Mason Tarkoff

Telepathy, also known as Mind reading, is the ability to hear other people's thoughts and predict their movement patterns. 


Telepathy is activated when staring at a person. Killian Gardiner and Mason Tarkoff are the only witch or warlock to have used this power. However, Killian seems not to be able to control it easily. Killian however cannot read the mind of Eva for reasons unknown. This ability is helpful when trying to figure out a person as it helps you see into their mind and know what they are thinking.

Notable Users

Killian Gardiner

  • Killian used telepathy on his gambling opponents unknowingly until he found out he was a warlock.
  • He also used this ability to read the minds of the customers at The Bent Elbow without trying.

Mason Tarkoff

  • Tarkoff mentioned that he is a telepath and used his power to communicate with The King. He can use it to keep track of his targets from a distance, and communicate with someone from another world. He can also detect threats beforehand. 

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