The King's Symbol
The King's Symbol
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First Seen A Moveable Beast
Last Seen Art of Darkness

The King's Symbol is the mark of King Nikolaus, When one is branded with the symbol it represents the ultimate oath of loyalty towards him, it means that the branded person is spiritually bound to him for eternity. Several victims have been branded with this symbol and have since died. It appears to cause a mental breakdown in it's victims. The Symbol cannot be removed via magical means, once one is branded with the symbol it remains there for eternity.

Frederick Beauchamp has this symbol branded on to his chest. It is currently unknown how he acquired the mark or on what circumstances he took the oath. Frederick claims that he was forced to take the oath while a knife was placed against his throat.

When King Nikolaus cursed Joanna, Wendy, Ingrid and Freya the King's Symbol appeared on their foreheads and was invisibly branded onto them. When the King branded Frederick with this symbol his spirit was transferred into it making Frederick his host body, his vessel, and whoever tried to destroyed the symbol would be electrocuted.


By King Nikolaus

By The Mandragora

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