The Mandragora and Ingrid
Nicknames Mates
Status Former mates (He is dead)
First met At the start of Season 2
Intimacy level Former Mates, Sexual relationship; They are both from Asgard, It has been feeding from her ever since she opened the portal to Asgard, She doesn't know much about its existence, When she is "activated" by it they both have passionate feelings for each other.
Portrayed by Anthony Konechny and Rachel Boston

This is the relationship between The Mandragora and Ingrid Beauchamp. Not much is known about the Mandragora's origin. However we do know that it escaped from the portal when it was opened by Ingrid Beauchamp. It appears to have a strong connection with her.  If the Mandragora dies, then Ingrid (his mate) will die too. It seems to "activate" her whenever it needs to be fed, it also shows a protective side to it when it attacked Dash Gardiner for Ingrid. When their bond was broken by a spell, Frederick Beauchamp kills him, ending their connection for good.

Season 2

It has been feeding from her since the beginning of the season. Ingrid is the Mandragora's mate. It is very protective and possessive of her, but she has no idea that it has any sort of bond with her.  The bond between Ingrid and the Mandragora was broken when they cast a spell from the Gardiner Grimoire.  The Mandragora was then killed by Frederick 

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