The Unaired Pilot
Season 1, Episode 0
Promo 101 1
Written by Maggie Friedman
Directed by Mark Waters
Episode Guide transcript
The Unaired Pilot is the hour long presentation used to present Witches of East End to the networks. After being picked up, several characters were recast and many shots were reshot.


Witches of East End centers on the mysterious Beauchamp family: free-spirited artist Joanna and her two grown daughters, both of whom are unaware that they are gifted (and cursed) with a magical birthright. Freya is recently engaged to the man of her dreams, wealthy playboy Dash Gardiner, but when she finds herself inexplicably drawn to Dash’s troubled, enigmatic brother Killian, bizarre occurrences begin to manifest in her life. Meanwhile, Joanna’s long-estranged sister Wendy shows up with a warning that could change the Beauchamps’ fate forever, forcing Joanna to reveal to her daughters they are, indeed, immortal witches who possess great untapped powers. With their idyllic small town East Haven life now turned upside down, and a formidable and ancient enemy intent on ending the Beauchamp family line, will Freya and Ingrid be able to accept their true potential before it is too late?


Main cast

Guest Stars

Differences from the Aired Pilot & Book Series

  • Nicholaus Gonzalez played the role of Matt Torcoletti in this version. Matt's character appears in the books as Matt Noble. He is the only recasted character from the Unaired Pilot to make an appearance in the Aired Pilot. He appears briefly, whilst questioning the woman who ran over Wendy.
  • In this Episode, Dash Gardiner is played by Patrick Heusinger. Patrick left the series due to "creative differences".
  • The Character of Catlin from the first book appears in this episode.
  • In the bathroom scene, Freya & Killian actually have sex.
  • The Beauchamp house used to film this episode was an entirely different house.
  • The filming of first version of the Pilot began on October 16, 2012 in the port town of Wilmington, North Carolina under the supervision of director Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Vampire Academy). It went on in Macon, Georgia, and ended on November 5, 2012.




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