A Moveable Beast - Tommy is first seen working at a hospital where he assists Medical staff in holding a patient down who suffering a  schitzophrenic episode. Later at the Library he comes into contact with Wendy after they both snatch the same book. He flirts with her and shows some interest in her despite their being two copies of the same book on the shelf. After Ingrid falls from the bar and breaks her shoulder he comes to her aid and runs into Wendy again.

The Son Also Rises - Whilst in her feline form, Wendy goes looking for Tommy and finds him at home, she is shocked to find out that he has a partner and a child. Later in the episode he assists Medical staff in removing Dr fosters body. He then meets with Wendy where he explains that he is no longer married. He introduces his daughter to her. They flirt and he exchanges some cheesy pick up lines with her.

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