Tommy and Wendy
Flirtatious Anger
Status Relationship is over since Wendy is dead.
First met A Moveable Beast
Intimacy level Former boyfriend and girlfriend, they were deeply in love with each other, He knew that Wendy was a witch and accepted her completely, Wendy gave her last life to bring him back
Portrayed by Ignacio Serricchio and Mädchen Amick
If I had listened to the signs this never would have happened. I was selfish and I altered your true fate, and I will make it right...for your sake and your daughter's. I love you, Tommy. Thank you for giving me the chance to make my last life count.
— Wendy to Tommy [src]

This is the relationship between Tommy Cole and Wendy Beauchamp. They got off on the wrong foot, in Season 2, when they both fought for the same book in the library. They later see each other when someone is injured. She finds out that he is a paramedic. They meet each other at basic community functions, by chance, and began to fall for each other. They begin dating, but Wendy feels that the universe is working against them. In Sex, Lies, and Birthday Cake, Tommy finds out accidentally that she is a witch. She was supposed to spell him to forget her (as Joanna instructed her to do), but she couldn't because she is falling in love with him. When Wendy's father's soul was transferred from Frederick's body to Tommy's body, he entered a dormant-like stage. Wendy then said her heartbreaking goodbye before they performed a spell that brought the king back. Tommy is dead because of Tarkoff's sinister ways of trying to bring back the king. Overall, because King Nikolaus is back, Tommy is now dead for good.

Season 2


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