Troy Overbrook
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Troy Overbrook

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Troy Overbrook, or Thor of the Aesir, is a character from Melissa de la Cruz' Beauchamp Family Series.


One of the many Gods who were trapped on after the Bofrir bridge was destroyed, he has been spending his immortal days traveling from one city to another... and perhaps he has also been looking for his eternal crush, the beautiful Goddess Erda.

When he arrives in North Hampton to spend the winter, he is surprised to bump into none other than Ingrid Beauchamp - the only woman who ever resisted him. And though he is ready to do anything to conquer her.


Thor is described as a handsome, tall and muscular man with red hair, large pale green eyes beneath light copper lashes and brows, and a big nose. When he smiles, a dimple appears on his cheek.

His beauty is such than many mortal and immortal hearts have fallen for his good looks, though he never quite fell for them as much as he did for the Goddess Erda, strangely the only one who never reciprocated the feeling. When Freya met him in New York, she could see how many women were rushing to go to his shop just to admire him. And upon being introduced to him, Hudson Rafferty was directly seduced by the God's appearance.


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