Victor and Joanna
Nicknames None
Status Former husband and wife; Friends, Separated (He was killed, but they left off in good terms)
First met Before Pilot
Intimacy level Former Spouses, They have children together, Loved Each other, He needed time away from her (Formally), Friends, Former Allies, They looked out for each other.
Portrayed by Julia Ormond and Joel Gretsch

This is the relationship between former spouses, Joanna Beauchamp and Victor Beauchamp. They were married centuries ago in Asgard. They were still married when they were kicked out of Asgard by her father. However, after witnessing his daughters, Ingrid and Freya repeatedly dying and being born for centuries, over and over again, he decided to leave her.

Victor is called by Wendy Beauchamp, centuries later, to come to help out with an issue and to maybe come to Freya's wedding. Victor then decides to stick around for Freya and continued to help out the Beauchamp Family before he sacrifices himself to save his daughter's life.

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