Wendy's Pendant
Some attributes
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen For Whom the Spell Tolls

This pendant belongs to Wendy Beauchamp. She has had the pendant for generations. The pendant features two green coloured stones, one larger than the other, set on a Gold Chain. Wendy never removes her pendant, even when in cat form, as it is linked to her curse. The stones were originally blue when she was Immortal, they turned green after Wendy's father, King Nikolaus placed the Nine Lives curse on her. When used up eight of her lives, the stones changed color from green to red, this occurred in Unburied after she was killed by Ingrid's past life. When Wendy sacrificed her last life to save Tommy, her necklace turned black.



  • After the series was cancelled, Madchen Amick was given the complete set of Pendants worn on the show.
  • Multiple copies of Wendy's necklaces were made for the series including a "stunt" version used for the Cats. The Cat pendants were identical to the real necklaces but were made of rubber and were slightly shorter in length. The chains measured around 2 inches long and were sold at auction in 2015.
  • A green version of Wendy's necklace was sold at auction in 2015. The Necklace was used in various episodes in both Seasons. The necklace was sold to the winning bidder for $560.00. The Red version of her necklace was also auctioned & sold for $715.00.

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